Middle School Faith Formation

Middle School Faith Formation is seeks to meet young teens and almost-teens where they are, recognizing the major shifts occurring in their lives and inviting them to find Jesus in those places. While we have experienced the power that a relationship with Jesus can have in the day-to-day, the hope of MSYM is to create opportunities for the youth to discover that same truth for themselves. If they can discover it in these years, they will have it for the rest of their lives.

Sacramental Preparation

Good Shepherd Middle School Faith Formation welcomes any youth in 6th-8th grade who have not yet had their First Reconciliation (Confession) or First Eucharist (Communion). It is a great honor and blessing to be able to work with your families as they prepare for such wonderful moments in their faith journey. We are eager to be able to share the richness and beauty of our Church's Sacramental life with each of you.

Ultimately, our hope is that this time will bring about a greater intimacy with Our Lord Jesus and His Bride, the Church by celebrating the best gift which God has given to us: the Body and Blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. In order to help you make the most out of this preparation, we ask that you review the Family Expectations below, since your commitment to them is of great importance to our common goal of bringing your children to a deeper and loving relationship with Jesus.

Family Expectations

Our faith teaches that the FAMILY is a child's first church, so the Sacramental Preparation that MSYM is offering takes the responsibility of assisting you in preparing your children to live the faith of this community. This calls us to live a life that professes the Lord's presence and salvation in the world. As we pledge to be faithful to our commitment to assist you in raising and forming your children in the Catholic faith, we ask you to be faithful to the following:

  • To participate in Mass on Sundays (or Saturday evenings) with your children
  • To participate in Mass on Holy Days of Obligation with your children
  • To pray with and for your children and model prayer to them
  • To provide opportunities to study Scripture and the Tradition of our faith
  • To teach your children what it means to live a virtuous life, what sin and temptation are, and how to avoid sin
  • To provide your child with opportunities to frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation following their First Reconciliation
  • To model the Christian life of seeking holiness, depending on grace, offering God genuine repentance for sins, practicing active charity, avoiding actions that give scandal, and striving to live justly before God and in society
  • To seek out and introduce your children to age-appropriate resources that foster the life of faith
  • To bring your children to all Sacramental Preparation sessions scheduled by coordinator

For more information and to register contact the Faith Formation Office.


Faith Formation Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday


Faith Formation Office
(858) 271-8769

Rafael Quevedo
Director of Youth Ministry
Ext. 1212

Michael Nguyen
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 1231

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