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This is the website for the youth ministry program at Good Shepherd Parish. Here you can find helpful information such as calendars, contact information, permission slips and useful information about Good Shepherd Catholic Church Pre-Confirmation and Confirmation programs.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The Youth Ministry of Good Shepherd seeks to welcome teens in grades 9 through 12. All youth are welcomed into a Christ-centered community where everyone will grow together in faith through spiritual, social, and service opportunities. Like Jesus the Good Shepherd, we are dedicated to bringing all youth into the loving heart of the Father through Jesus and the mission he entrsuted to the Church. We will do this by supporting each individual through their unique talents so they are able to live out and defend their Catholic faith in their everyday life.

Sacremental Prep

Good Shepherd 's Confirmation program is a minium two year program. With year one being called Pre-Confirmation and year two being called Confirmation.  Most parishes in the diocese of San Diego run their Confirmation programs as a two year process.  The idea being that this two year process really allows youth and families to discern if the candidate is truly prepared to receive the Sacrament freely. It also helps to intergrate the young person into the parish life. 

Youth Group

All high school teens, whether they are preparing for Confirmation or have already been Confirmed, are welcome to attend.  Youth groups will be held every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month starting January from 6:30pm-8:30pm in the youth center. This group will help create a community where all high school teens can continue devolping a relationship with Christ together led by their fellow peers.  

For more information please contact our Director of Youth Ministries Rafael Quevedo:                  Office: (858) 271-8769 ext. 1212      Email:

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