Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQs)


The following questions were compiled for you to have quick answers to some of the most common questions. So please take the time to read and most importantly keep this information throughout this year.

If there is a question not listed here or you need clarification, please contact your child’s catechist directly.  You have received their contact information during orientation when you received the schedule for the year. 

Your child’s catechist is your main contact for most all your questions. They keep track of attendance and most administration of their session.  Currently the faith formation office has no administrative staff.  Some of the ways you can a help us minister to your families during this time, is using the schedules and printed information given to your family at orientation.  If you misplace this information or want more copies, your catechists have extra copies.

What if you have a question not listed below or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to call the faith formation office at 858-271-8769.  We have limited office times also, but we are always available for appointments if you cannot make the listed times.

What time does my child’s faith formation session start and finish?

If your child’s session is on Sundays 9:00 a.m. – 10:15 am – If it is on Tuesdays or Wednesdays 5:00 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.

Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

Please make sure to drop off your youth in the courtyard and sign them in with their catechist.  Youth are lined up by grade.  You must sign them in with their catechist.  You are strongly encouraged to stay for open prayer and announcements.  The gate too the court yard will be open 15 minutes prior to session start time.  Children are to be picked up from their classrooms promptly at the end of class by a responsible adult.  If there is anyone who should not pick up your child, please give us this information in writing.

What if we are late for drop off and pick up?

If your child will be arriving late, please walk your child, please walk your child directly to their classroom.  If the gate is closed, please come to the office to have the gate opened.  Make sure you sign them in at their classroom.  

If you will be significantly late for picking your child up (e.g. over 10 minutes), please call the Faith Formation office ASAP at 858-271-8769.  Children picked up late experience anxiety and is extremely helpful that we know to help elevate this anxiety.  If your catechist has given you their cell phone, call them directly.  If you arrive and the gate is already closed, your child is waiting for you in the faith formation office.

What if we need to them up early?

If know ahead of time that your child needs to be picked-up early, please let their catechist know when you sign in. Make sure you remember to get any material going home for that day.  For the safety of our children, we keep our gates closed during their class sessions.  Come to the faith formation office we will open it for you.

What if my child will be absent?

If your child will be absent, please call this information to the office (858-271-8769) before their session begins. For the safety of our children, we will call your home if your child is not present and we have not been notified of the absence.  If your child is absent, please consult with your child’s catechist to see what he/she missed in Faith Formation and work with them at home on the missed lesson. Please note that at 3 absences, a make-up assignment may be required for students who are in a sacramental preparation program to receive full credit for the year.

Books: Unless you need to work on lessons at home with your children, we will be keeping the children’s books in the classroom.  For students in grades k – 6th, a family faith page will be sent home each week.  It is important that you know what your child is doing in Faith Formation and that you take time to discuss what they have learned.

Discipline:  It is most important that the children come to Faith Formation with a positive attitude about learning and about treating others with respect. Students must abide by the rules posted in each classroom and presented by their catechist.  If a catechist has a discipline problem with a student, that child will be sent to the office for the rest of that session.  If that student again needs to be disciplined, a conference will be scheduled with the student, parents, and catechist.

Safety:   Should the need ever arise for you to pick up your child following an evacuation of the building, our on-site evacuation point is the school play yard on the west side of the school.  Our off-site evacuation point is Mesa Verde park located east of Good Shepherd Parish on Gold Coast Dr.

Sunday Mass:  At the Sunday liturgy, the source and summit of our Christian life, we are nourished by Word and Sacrament, and then sent out to be the Body of Christ in the world. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of your family participation at Sunday Mass.   As the primary educators of your children in the faith, your participation in the Sunday Eucharistic celebration, which is then lived out in the home and community, is crucial. 


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